6 days to go

Monday September 14th
6 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £205 (Thank you Adam and Ellie and Emma!)
Distance run today: 9.6km.  I am once again struck by how much smaller my world is than I realised (on a purely geographical scale of course).  I went for a run tonight, and ran well beyond my normal sphere of existence down here:  Out to New Maldon, back through Berrylands to the A3, over to Tolworth tower and back home again.  Surely that had to be at least half the distance?  But no, ‘twas only 6 miles.  Less than two thirds of a mile short of half the distance, but still, not quite there.

Those of you who regularly read this blog will have already noticed that I’ve lost the taste for writing about the days on which I do nothing.  I’ve either:

a)         got a legitimate excuse, very few of which have been of any interest to you guys, or

b)       I haven’t, in which case the blanket of shame lies heavy enough round my shoulders as it is; I don’t need to suffer further by soaking it in the pathetic excuses I would be forced to come up with, day after day.

So today, as I did go for a run, I am telling you about it. Tomorrow I won’t, so I won’t.  We’ll see about Wednesday…

But yeah, my run was fine, there’s plenty more where that came from.  But I am a little worried that my right foot is hurting.  Nothing serious, just a kind of impact something or other.  I’ll get myself some decent socks on Friday, when I’m back up in York.  I’m sure they’ll be fine.  Bring it on Tyneside, let’s see what you’ve got. 

Touch of Madness
Progress today: None.  I’ll explain later.


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