15 days to go

Saturday September 5th
15 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £85
Distance run today: 0km.  I was supposed to be playing tennis this morning, but Mark (who to be fair to him was only ever 50% sure he was going to be able to make it) had to pull out because he was out with Pearl.  It seemed reasonable, as they were going their separate ways in the evening.  Mark was joining the convoy heading up to Towcester, one of a group of us invited to our friends Sam and Libby’s wedding.

The Boys at the Wedding

The Boys at the Wedding

I won’t go into huge amounts of detail, because this is a blog about fitness and the lack of it – suffice to say it was a brilliant evening, filled with lots of alcohol, dancing and general good cheer.  Just what everyone needed I think, and after an evening like that I don’t doubt that the Langridges will spend a long and happy life together (cos obviously that’s all it takes…).

The Girls at the Wedding

The Girls at the Wedding

Oh, and we all ate quite a lot of cheese.  I love cheese.  There’s nothing better than cheese before, during and after alcohol, and when you don’t allow yourself to eat it very often, it’s all the better.  I mean, there was even a house made out of cheese.  I’m not sure whether it had any significance, but I hope it did.

The House of Cheese

The House of Cheese

Otherwise it was just a little bit random!


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