13 days to go

Monday September 7th
13 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £185 (Thank you Granny!)
Distance run today: 7km.  I hate not having the little magical box that is the Garmin Forerunner I’d borrowed when I first began training.  Knowing exactly how far I’d run at any given point was brilliant, and meant I could avoid the crushing disappointment I experienced tonight when I worked out how far I’d actually gone (once I’d arrived back and cooled down enough to touch my laptop without running the risk of fatal electrocution).  I was hoping it would be somewhere around the 9k mark, but my overly optimistic sense of exhaustion had decided to call it a night rather earlier than expected, and the new route I’d taken meant that I had no previous evenings against which to compare.

Still, at least there was once again plenty more in the tank.  I know you’re probably wondering why I don’t run until I puke at this late stage, surely every extra mile covered can only be advantageous?  That’s probably true, but to be honest I think I’m pretty much ready for the big day now, and am itching to have a crack at the course itself.  There’s something exciting about the fact that it will be the farthest I’ve ever run, and by a considerable distance.  I know I’ll be able to cover it; the question now is how fast.  Anything under 2 hours and I’ll be happy.  Anything under 3 and I’ll be able to sleep on Sunday.

This is, basically, the last push now.  I might fit in a couple of outings next week, but I’m heading back up North a week on Wednesday, and once I’m back in Yorkshire I’ll pretty much stop running and start carbo-loading:  I can’t wait.  It’ll have been worth doing the training just for the 4 day’s home cooking.


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