18 days to go

Wednesday September 2nd
18 Days until The Great North Run
Total Raised: £85
Distance run today: 4km. And then I went spinning. In retrospect, I’m not sure a ‘quick 4k warm up’ was the wisest of ideas. Actually, to be honest, it was supposed to be a ‘quick 5k warm up’ – but when I was still on the treadmill with 10 minutes to go before the spinning class began, I couldn’t help but remember all the stories I’d heard about how difficult this was going to be, so I sprinted the last few hundred metres and gave myself 10 minutes to cool down before jumping on the bike. Most definitely the right decision.

The spinning class itself was actually a lot of fun, with a surprising mix of people taking part. I even enjoyed the whole music and storytelling aspect to it (an exhilarating James Bond-themed pursuit through the mountains) – something that, if I’m honest, I thought I would just find a little irritating. The funny thing about the exercise was that it wasn’t my lungs that gave up, it was my legs. They just decided not to bother listening to me anymore, and while I’m confident I could have hopped off the bike, picked myself up off the floor and gone back to the treadmill, the cycling just wasn’t going to happen! I think I completed about half an hour of the 45 min routine before I had to sit down during one of the many hardcore hill climbs, and from that point on there was no coming back – I was done.


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