25 days to go

Wednesday August 26th
25 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £75
Distance run today: 11km.  I told you today would be different!  I’ve suddenly realised that actually, 25 days isn’t a very long time.  I’m really not going out running as often as I should be (I’m guessing as a reader of this you’ve probably known that for quite a long time), so that’s something that I’ll be desperately trying to sort out over the next 3(!) weeks.  I took advantage of a free evening tonight to take my running stuff into work, change there and run home again.  Technically, it’s only a mile from door to door and as, although I would dearly love it to be, that’s really not far enough to be of any value whatsoever, I decided to run home via the far side of the river. 

So, duly kitted out in a raggedy old t-shirt, I headed out the door and into the rain.  Okay, maybe not rain.  Drizzle would probably be more accurate.  You know, that typically English greyness that has, over the years, driven our entire nation to drink.  After all, nothing beats a country pub in the rain.  Except maybe one in the sun, obviously…  anyway, enough talk of pubs.  I’m making myself miserable! 

2 miles after leaving the office, I reached Hampton Court bridge.  A hop and a skip later and I was heading along the riverside path, passed the sign letting me know it was a mere 3.5 miles to Kingston Bridge.  What really felt like no time later I was crossing back into Kingston and heading down the home side of the river, facing the usual internal struggle.  I know I could run further.  I know I probably should run further.  I also know full well that I’m not going to.  I have my route planned out in my head and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to stick to it.  It’s a matter of idle principle.  Or principally a matter of idleness. 

Still, 11km with a lot more in the tank is an encouraging sign at this point.  What I find frustrating is not the distance I can run, but the speed at which I can run it.  Based on today’s effort, I’m looking at a finishing time of around about 2 hours.  I’m hoping that, on the day, the sheer number of people and accompanying rush of adrenaline will put a spring in my step that a grey Wednesday evening just can’t. 

Touch of Madness
Progress today:  None.  I’ve actually had a damn busy day today, which I always prefer to a quiet one; even if that does give me time for ToM.  For someone who is so capable of enjoying doing nothing, I do like to be kept busy!


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