28 days to go

Sunday August 23rd
28 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £75
Distance run today: 0km.  And when I say 0, I mean o.  Normally, even on a 0km day I’ve walked a good couple of miles to and from work.  Today, gloriously, I just about shuffled the 5 minutes to the shops and back – other than that  I was pretty much horizontal all day.  Managed to watch Match of the Day, the Grand Prix, World Championship Athletics, the Ashes and then Match of the Day 2.  Oh, and sure enough, as predicted there was a Dominos involved.  Basically, it was the perfect and much-needed counterbalance to yesterday’s hyperactivity, and a great end to a great weekend.  Does it really have to be Monday tomorrow? 

Touch of Madness
Progress today: None.  There was never going to be.


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