36 days to go

Saturday August 15th
36 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £50! (Thank you Jane! :-))
Distance run today: 0km. Okay, look, you knew it was coming.  I’d always planned on not doing any exercise this weekend.  I decided I would get some tiresome tasks out of the way and headed into Kingston this afternoon.  Visited the Vodafone store to try to fix the fact that my phone switches itself off at random.  Seriously.  Just whenever it feels like it, off it turns.  In the store I met with total disinterest (sorry, not due an upgrade for another 2 months.  We can send it away but it’ll be two weeks and we don’t have any courtesy phones in.  Bye.).  Then onto the Apple store to try to fix the fact that the main button doesn’t work on my iPod (“which button sir?  This one?”  “Yes, that’s right that one.  The big one.  The only one.” ) and the fact that it will only charge standing upright (“are you sure?  I’ve never heard of that happening before…”).  Eventually had to book an appointment for next Saturday.  Last stop in Kingston was Sportsworld to buy some cheap squash and tennis shoes (“what does a squash and tennis shoe look like?”  “They’re different things…” “They are?”  “Yes.  You know, a squash shoe.  Flat, non-marking sole.  Not too much ankle support.”  “Like this one?” ” What, these Adidas Shelltops?  No, not like those. Bye.”).  Fled to Teddington and the fantastic running haven that is Sweatshop.  20  minutes later I was heading out the door with a shiny new pair of trainers, fresh confidence about the state of my feet and fresh plans for the weekend. 

I did have a night of debauchery (2 parties, the second with no specific end point) followed by a day idle recovery planned.  It was never certain I was even going to see the light of day tomorrow.  So how exactly is it that, at midnight on Saturday night, I have just set my alarm for 8:00(am!), so that I have time to shower before running to The Bank of England Sports Club on the other side of Richmond Park in order to play squash at 10:00?  As I ran up and down the store, I actually begin to feel like going for a run.  I seized the moment, as one should always seize rare moments of uncharasteric willingness to undertake unpleasant tasks.  (If you feel like dusting, dust.  You won’t feel like it for much longer, but it’ll still need doing).  On the spot I arranged a game of squash for 10:00 in Putney so that I couldn’t wriggle out of it and here I am.  Ready for bed.  Still, I had a great night celebrating Lori’s birthday, enjoyed a few drinks, witnessed the definition of scum on the night bus on the way home and am feeling good about the whole thing.

Touch of Madness
Progress today: None


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