39 days to go. Help.

Wednesday August 12th
39 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £40! (Thank you Lucy :-))
Distance Run Today: okm.  But once again I was working in the pub this evening, and really don’t have time between work and the pub to go for a run, even a short one.  I have thought about it, but I really don’t think the pubgoers would appreciate me sweating into their pints.  Not the ones that matter anyway! 

You’ve no doubt noticed we are now less than 40 days away from the big event.  As it’s beginning to get frighteningly close, I have moved onto the final and most important stage of my preparation…  carefully planning my menu for the week after it’s all over.  So far on the list I have a jacket potato with chilli, cheese and sour cream from 3 peas in a pod, an amazing sandwich shop just down the road from my office.  I’m thinking about adding a filthy rack of ribs from Tony Romas and it goes without saying that a Domino’s will be featuring fairly high up the agenda.  Other than that though, I’m still not sure.  The world, as they say, is my oyster!  (Although, truth be told, oysters won’t be going anywhere near my list.  Seriously people, I don’t care how sophisticated they are, there are better things to be eating than living mucus.) I will be getting drunk at least 4 times in that week as well, I feel like I’ve been virtually dry recently, something that has taken a little getting used to.  The world is a very different place when you’re sober all the time!

Just as a heads up, I’m going to watch my brother in a play tomorrow night as well, so won’t be doing any exercise there either.  And you know what that means… I’m going to have to go running on Friday evening while the rest of the world is unwinding with a beer.  Now that’s commitment.  Not that I’ve done it yet, I’m just saying that if I do, it’s because I’m committed.  Or should be committed.  One of the two.

Touch of Madness
Progress Today: None.  Again.  Can you see the pattern developing here?  Having said that, our first real newsletter is due to go out on September 4th, 21 Days, 19 Hours, 48 Minutes from now according to my countdown clock.  So I need to have something to talk about by then!


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