40 days to go

Right, let's get this over and done with.

Right, let's get this over and done with.

Tuesday August 11th
40 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £20!
Distance Run Today: 6km.  Someone suggested a while back that we take part in a 10km ‘trail trial’ around Richmond Park this evening.  It was supposed to be a race against our largest clients, but in the end they bottled and we ended up settling for the 6km version instead.  To be honest, the fact that we did it at all is something of a miracle, it’s just the kind of thing we’d normally look for any excuse not to do!  Still, we did it, it was a glorious evening in the park, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  Running and reading a map at the same time proved a little taxing at times, and it didn’t help that the organisers had warned us to double check each marker as there was another race going on, and then managed to misnumber one of them!  Genius.  It did mean that 2 of our party spent 15 minutes running around looking for a marker that they had already found, but fortunately these little mishaps (or Lucy and Julia as I like to call them) are the things that you laugh at whilst enjoying the celebratory drink in the pub afterwards.  In retrospect, I should have done the 10km run really. I’m acutely aware of the fact that the race is a little over 5 weeks away now and I still haven’t covered half the distance.   I think I’ll run the 5km run twice on Saturday morning.  Maybe.

Touch of Madness
Progress Today: None.


One Response to “40 days to go”

  1. Lucy Says:


    ‘the little mishap’ – I thought it was only my Mum who called me that!? 😉

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