43 days to go

Saturday August 8th
43 Days until The Great North Run

Total Raised: £20!
Distance Run Today: 5km.  I think I may have overdone it today.   It’s now just gone 1:00, and I’m lying in bed with what I can only imagine is mild sun stroke.  I was up at 7:50 this morning to have a shower and get ready for Emma and our Saturday morning 5k run around Richmond Park.  I’ve overslept the last two weeks, so this was the first time I managed to shower and eat something, both of which I was hoping / assuming would make a real difference to my time.  Wolfed down an apple on the way (don’t eat Pink Lady apples straight after brushing your teeth, they’re not nice) and a banana just before the race, and set off to break 25 minutes.  I want to run the race itself in under 1 hour 40, and that means running 4 consecutive sub 25 min 5k races.  And right now, I can’t manage one.  Came in at just under 28 minutes today, and I’m beginning to worry that the natural speed I thought I’d uncover at some point might simply not exist.  It turns out I’m just not a very good runner. Still, needs must and all that so I’ll be soldiering on!  Might try and run it twice next week.  That would be half the distance of the race itself with 5 weeks to go.  Not quite what I had in mind when I signed up 5 months ago, but hey, that really shouldn’t surprise me!

Once I’d finished the run, I popped into my flat, grabbed my tennis racket before Phil and I headed over to the tennis court.  It was such a beautiful morning, and running past the deer in the park before a nice spot of tennis was pretty much my ideal Saturday.  Okay, that’s a lie, but it was certainly very nice.  Once we’d done there, we headed home, spent a couple of hours tidying the flat and then headed into town to hit the Kingston riverside.  Early afternoon, the Gazebo, catching up with some of my oldest friends (one of whom I hadn’t seen, inexplicably, for over 2 years).  Glorious.  Having said that, on reflection, 8 straight hours in the sun (3 sweating profusely) does not for a healthy body make.  And don’t even talk about the cider.  What the hell was I doing drinking cider?!  I think that might be the second time I’ve ever drunk it properly.  To be honest, I think I got it because it came with ice, and boy did I need cooling down!

We finally sat down for dinner at 9:15.  Bearing in mind that up to this point I’ve eaten an apple, a banana and a bag of peanuts.  Had an awesome burger, washed down with an Oreo mikshake.  A man can only take so much salad. 

Basically, today I learnt that too much sun, too much cider, a burger, a milkshake and a pint of Guinness will have you in bed by midnight on a Saturday night. It’ll also have you hoping that for some reason the sun will take tomorow off, so that you can sleep all day without feeling guilty.  Come on sun, you know you want to.

Touch of Madness
Progress today: None.  Didn’t really have time.


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